Our flexible API allows you to optimize anything from a simple 1-truck delivery route, to a multi-depot, multi-vehicle pickup-and-delivery problem with time windows, vehicle types and capacity constraints.
Our RESTful API runs in the cloud, ensuring maximum scalability while exploiting the economy of scale to ensure the lowest possible costs for our customers.

Thanks to its flexible model, the M4Logistics API is able to simultaneously consider a multitude of vehicles, vehicle types and delivery properties, each with their own specifications. Our powerful optimization engine effortlessly generates the best possible delivery selection and route for each vehicle. Ensuring maximum performance… for you!

One unique feature of the M4Logistics system is its ability to generate route suggestions in case of under capacity, allowing our users to quickly and effortlessly decide whether or not it is worthwhile to deploy additional vehicles when they are unable to meet all customer demands.

We know that flexibility and reaction time are paramount, therefore we allow you to add or remove requests, vehicles, … to existing solutions. Our engine will incorporate these changes in unrivaled time, while preserving an unchallenged efficiency throughout.

Our experts are at your disposal for a wide range of consultancy options. We will quantify the savings you can achieve with M4Logistics, and facilitate the smoothest possible transition from your current system.
Interested? Feel free to explore our API or contact us for more information.